PSL – Workflow Solutions

Personalized data driven communications is what PSL Page Builder delivers and what it does best. PSL Page Builder can function as a stand alone solution or as part of an automated customized workflow solution. That workflow solution can evolve and grow as needs and technology changes.

  • Automation: Workflow processes can be customized and automated. Automation not only reduces costs but reduces the opportunity for errors. The ability to automate also reduces the level of expertise needed to produce output.
    Workflow Automation Begins with the Workflow Manager


  • Interoperability: It is a complex multi-vendor, multi-system world. Open architecture by design delivers flexibility as PSL Page Builder can integrate and work with other software solutions. Interoperability allows users to design workflow solutions to meet their needs, not the other way around.


  • Innovation: Users can focus on solutions and innovations without being locked into one particular ecosystem. This ability can directly affect the bottom line by providing competitive advantages to users. Advances in technology and workflows are accelerating daily. Open architecture allows for the addition of these advancements to stay ahead of the curve.


  • Choice: One size does not fit all. An open architecture solution delivers a greater number of newer and better tools and workflows instead of being constrained to one platform. There are many components required in a digital print workflow. Having choice allows the user to build the system that best meets their needs and budget.


The open architecture of PSL Page Builder allows users of all sizes to effectively deal with the challenges of today while moving forward with the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

Challenge us to prove to you the value of Open By Design today!

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