See what our amazing customers have to say about their experience using the Jet Letter PSL variable data printing software.

Rick Gallo discusses how Redstone is able to accelerate its path to growth.

“At Redstone, we help our clients send out direct mail. Prior to acquiring PSL Page Builder, we were producing about 1.3 million records per week. We had multiple computers assigned to compose production files. But we were maxed out and couldn’t grow.”

“Each week we ran about fifty jobs. A single job with 100K records might take one to two hours to compose proofs and production files.  If we made a mistake or the client made a change, it was another one to two hours for that job. It was a nightmare!”

“Then we found PSL Page Builder! Today a 100K piece job takes three MINUTES instead of hours. We only require one computer for composing (we have a second PSL license for doing our updates). We now produce about 70 jobs per week. This year we reached a record of over 3.4 million records in a single week and it’s all due to PSL Page Builder.”

“We love Jet Letter!”

Redstone Print & Mail, Inc.

Jeromy Fritz shares how his company was able to maintain their status as The Ultimate Direct Mail, Printing, and Logistics Solution.

“Presort had run into some walls and limitations with our previous software. To solve that we added PSL Page Builder as it could handle the programming variables that we needed to continue to provide our clients best in class service.”

“We found that not just the capabilities of the software to be incredible but also the support we’ve received from the Jet Letter team. These capabilities and the flexibility of their team has allowed us to onboard some challenging projects ahead of schedule.”

“We are very happy to have Jet Letter as one of our business partners.”

Allied Printing describes themselves as being “technology-driven”. Grant Newman shares how the automation technology included in PSL Page Builder has benefited Allied.

“We have saved substantial time and money in our first few months of using the workflow automation controls within PSL Page Builder. We now have the ability to incorporate automation quickly and easily into any project.”

“PSL delivers two critical capabilities for us.

  • PSL Page Builder can handle any job we put to it and it is powerful enough to control systems and processes downstream of PSL.
  • Most importantly to us, we now have a platform that is stable enough to be relied upon to deliver Lights-Out production.”

Paul Debreceni of Shamut Communications Group discusses their experience with PSL Page Builder and how the software’s scalability became a key factor that allowed him to automate their workflow.

“Since investing in four licenses of Jet Letter’s PSL Page Builder we have come to depend on it for over 95% of the work that goes through our company.”

“The basic learning curve and fundamentals of PSL are easy to pick up and master. The scalability of PSL Page Builder is what powers its more advanced functions and capabilities. The scalability of this software is what I treasure.”

“When we first began production with PSL, we attacked our smaller easier PDF outputs for our xJet, Phoenix and mailing inkjets. The increase in productivity of this low hanging fruit just blew us away. We are now able to proof every record and create printable PDFs within seconds as opposed to hours. We now have complete confidence due to the stability of PSL that what the customer approves is what the customer will get. The ability to use PSL background functions to turn off shell PDFs to create Proofs and final Print PDFs is a game-changer.”

“Within a month that five to ten percent of work done with PSL grew to 50%. After five months fully 95% of everything that we do goes through PSL.”

“We recently decided to step up things another notch with PSL. We had Jet Letter’s, Ralf Stabel, provided some advanced hands-on training. This has opened many new doors for us. Our big push now is to fully take advantage of PSL’s programming to automate processes to the point that we never have to use HP SmartStream again.”

Shawmut Communications Group

If we didn’t have the automation capabilities of PSL Page Builder Pro we’d spend half the morning preparing the jobs and the afternoon trying to figure out where we went wrong.

Jack Flick Primenet

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