Tom, how did you get started with Jet Letter?

“I got into programming by necessity not be design. My goal in life was to become an biomedical engineer and I did such work on the XB-70. While working on my Ph.D. dissertation at UCLA many years ago I had to learn how to code simply because I couldn’t afford to hire someone to do it for me to complete my dissertation. Tiring of the R and D business, in the 1970s I found myself in the software business.”

“Around 1999 I became aware of a company that had a very successful VDP solution. That company was Gene Mallory’s Jet Products and the product was Jet Letter. The advantage to Jet Letter at the time was its scripting language that allowed users to do more difficult projects and actually grow their businesses.”

“Being the entrepreneur that I was I made an offer to buy Jet Letter from Gene. He somewhat politely informed me that I may know software but I knew nothing about VDP and that I’d run the company into the ground. Sensing that he might be right and still thinking it was a great product I signed on to work for Gene in a sales capacity.”

So how did Jet Letter become PSL Page Builder?

“In 2005 we accepted the opportunity to acquire the company arose again. Along with a technical partner, Norm Sanford, who had been consulting with Gene, we continued to market the Jet Letter software while developing a completely new VDP solution. At that time we had the choice of either to continue to enhance the existing software or start anew with a clean sheet of paper. We chose the later.” The result was PSL comprising (now) over 1,000 commands for VDP programming.

“That software evolved and grew in capabilities but still, of course, a programming language. In 2010 we introduced the PSL Wizard which is essentially a drag and drop interface that creates code so the user doesn’t have to. Instead of clicking on a button to invoke a command users are creating code as fast as they can drag and drop.”

“This unique interface allows for the user to, should they desire, access the code created through the GUI and it also allows for all manner of functionality to be easily customized and added to the GUI to meet any need or purpose.”

Where is PSL Page Builder today?

“PSL Page Builder is not only a Fast, Functional and Flexible VDP solution, its ability to integrate with other ‘best of breed’ solutions make it a powerhouse workflow solution as well. It can be both a hub of an automated workflow or an easily configured component of a workflow.”

“The successes and growth our users experience with PSL Page Builder is what motivates us to continue down this path. Its what keeps us smiling.”

The XB-70, which Tom Crooks worked on as a budding biomedical engineer. It was the first (and perhaps only) triplesonic bomber to ever fly and it was also the inspiration for the original Jet Letter logo.

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