Flexible: Flexible performance – Flexible workflows – Flexible acquisition

PSL users have NEVER found a project too complex for PSL to handle. PSL Page Builder is suitable for any project – from basic promotional and marketing work to complex financial projects.


Types of users – the pure, non-technical GUI user, programmers, people supporting work flow architecture and automation pros. Some people use nothing but the GUI while a (much) smaller group does nothing but programming. A “mix and match” of GUI use and programming is often used and recommended.


Types of companies supported. The PSL Page Builder product family is geared specifically toward direct mail applications. Users currently range from smaller firms doing perhaps a few million pages a year to those doing several million pages a day. Customers range from community utility companies, charities, in-plant printing and mailing departments through mid-sized direct mail firms to firms printing and mailing millions of pages a day.  One firm, for example, supports ten high speed sheet fed printers and four (very) high speed roll fed printers  — all with PSL Page Builder.


Often pages printed and mailed are presented in multi-media or as online bill presentment for payment.


Being based on a modern compiled programming language (PSL itself) the very useful tools known as Custom Boxes and Value Functions, which become available in the GUI, can handily be constructed (programmed) by Jet Letter, by the user if so inclined, or by a consultancy.


Consequently a very complex function can be reduced to a drag and drop “box” presenting field names awaiting addition of field values.


Lastly the method of delivery, licensing and pricing are quite flexible. PSL can run on PCs or on a server, it’s licensed based on a computer and a log-in name. The number of simultaneous users is known as “x” and the number of computers on which it may be installed is “y”.


At the moment “y” is delivered as twice x, but is largely unlimited. PSL has three levels Regular, Plus and Pro. Prices range from $3,000 through $14,900 for the first seat license with deep discounts after that. PSL can be sold on a monthly subscription basis as well — or even on a per page printed basis,  A site License is as well available at a very attractive price.


PSL can be sold as a “site license” and in the larger firms dozens of seats are installed.

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