18 Mar

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Jetletter

Standing Together

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of our lives, our families and our businesses. We at Jet Letter would like to offer a small bit of help to our communities and our clients.

First: The need to work remotely is no longer just a convenience. Our health and the safety of our communities requires us to be more isolated. To lessen the negative impact of working remotely Jet Letter is offering additional seat licenses for PSL at no charge. These would be made available to current users for at least 30 days but would be renewed by Jet Letter should this health emergency requires it.

Second: Jet Letter is offering the use of PSL Page Builder at no charge to non-Jet Letter customers. Again, this would be a thirty-day license that would be renewed if the health emergency requires it.  

Third: Jet Letter remains focused on your success. Our company already has a highly distributed team in place. We expect that our ability to support existing clients and welcome new users will remain top tier as always. Our commitment to your success is as strong as ever.

Call or email us to get you started today.

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