An Investment In Software Creates Unexpected Value

“Investing in PSL Page Builder is probably the best money I’ve spent on my business in a long, long time”, Nancy Crandall of Computer Creations. “I never stopped to consider before what the right software could do for my business”.

Computer Creations Direct Mail Services of Dallas, Texas was established in 1992. Owner, Nancy Crandall, describes the business as a direct mail shop by trade. “We’re a nice medium size shop. We’ve always done basic VDP and our specialty is doing whatever the customer brings us”.

Challenges To Growth

Using InDesign™ for their basic VDP work allowed Computer Creations to mostly do basic jobs, but it did limit their ability to deliver variable images of the kind of VDP clients demand today. The company began shopping for a better solution when a potential client presented a very complex telephone billing statement. This job contained lots of variables and included legacy data from an old mainframe computer. There wasn’t any software in house that could produce such a job.

“We considered XMPie™ and Fusion Pro™ but both of these products are based on InDesign™ and InDesign™ can be a very cumbersome product. When doing work with a lot of variables merge speed becomes a real issue and InDesign™ is not really suited for complex projects.”

“When we looked at Jet Letter’s PSL Page Builder I really liked the fact that it was ‘built from the ground up’ and not based on InDesign™. I also appreciated that they make a fully functional evaluation copy available so I could get my arms around it and really see how well it works.”

“Once we evaluated the solution we realized that it was the only affordable choice that could do everything we hoped to do.”

First Impressions

Their first job with PSL Page Builder was a regular weekly mailing that had always been done with InDesign™. The job had varying numbers of pages which InDesign™ could not accommodate causing production slow downs.

“PSL Page Builder did exactly what was expected on the first try. Boom! Twelve hours start to finish from installing PSL Page Builder to getting our first job out the door. We’d spent more time than that just reassembling the job previously. It was not a simple job either.”


In the first 45 days since installation eight different projects were set up to run PSL Page Builder. “By automating production processes we not only save production time, I save ‘my time’. I can now do in minutes what I used to spend hours doing. I have more time to spend on my business and even go home earlier.”

Automating processes also reduces the potential for errors. “PSL Page Builder is much more intelligent than I am.” Nancy adds, “with the help of Jet Letter’s support team we’ve begun using their ‘paragraphs’ feature. A huge value when doing recurring jobs with multiple versions and varying text.”

“I never thought that a VDP solution like PSL Page Builder could simplify things so much. I’m opening new doors with my clients. It’s a win, win for us and our clients.”

Advice From Nancy

“Take the 30 day free trial. You don’t know what jobs you can do until you just do it. You can’t fully appreciate everything this product can do until you use it. Don’t wait for that perfect job. It may never materialize and you probably have it already in house.”

“It’s worth every penny I paid for it and I’ve been in this business a long time.”

If You Build It, Will They Come?


“Tom, FYI… I’m now averaging at least two new VDP jobs a week with PSL Page Builder. The business is really growing”.


This exciting news was delivered to us by Nancy Crandall of Computer Creations only a few months after acquiring PSL Page Builder Plus, a variable data solution. Nancy had previously told us that after just 45 days of running PSL Page Builder she’d produced eight new jobs and stated, “I’m opening new doors with my clients. It’s a win, win for us and our clients”. She is continuing to add new business and grow.


So we had to ask. “Nancy, what’s your secret?”


“Mind set”.


“Mind set? OK, you’ve piqued our curiosity. Tell us more”.


“When discussing each and every job think about how it might be done better with VDP. Open your mind and your customer’s mind. Think about the possibilities VDP can deliver. Understand that for the most part, customer haven’t a clue what VDP can do for them. Educate your customers to all the wonderful things you can do to bring value to your work”.


“Can you give us a few examples?”


“Think how a job can be produced better using VDP. Automate processes with VDP to save time and reduce the possibility of errors. Simple versioning comes to mind. I recently ran four versions of a letter that I had previously done on offset. I produced them cheaper, better and faster using VDP and digital print. And, by outputting in zip sorted order I saved on postage”.


“Using VDP to personalize materials need not be a long complicated process. Personalization can be as simple as offers by state, city or varying colors by gender. Of course, the more complex a project the better for me as the client has to rely more on my expertise.”


“So adding two net new projects a week is great but how much did that effort cost you?”


“Zip, zero, zilch, nada. We simply discuss VDP with every prospect and client we have. Educate them how we will provide them greater value through production economies and/or through personalization”.


“Nancy, when we last spoke you told us that PSL Page Builder was worth every penny you paid for it. What can you tell us today?”


“PSL Page Builder is even more flexible than I think you guys even realize”.


“Thanks, Nancy. We can’t wait to hear from you again.” Educate yourself and your clients and start growing your business today.


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We’ve told the story of Computer Creations growth with VDP before but we keep telling it again and again because the story just keeps getting better.


Nancy Crandall, owner of Computer Creations, told us in mid 2015 after having recently invested in PSL Page Builder Plus that not only had she produced eight new VDP projects in the first 45 days but was also adding two new variable data printing (VDP) projects weekly. So how much better could things get?


She gave us a call today and updated her saga.


“When I compared sales for November and December of 2016 they were up over 300% over 2015. A full two thirds of that increase was directly related to VDP.”


Can you give us more insight into your business and your road to growth?


“First of all we’re a small shop with eleven employees including myself. We don’t print. We do the creative part, data manipulation, pre-sort and provide the VDP composition service. Having PSL Page Builder has opened doors for our brokers and print providers who resell our services. They can now offer services that were previously only available from the big boys.”


“Walking in the door and saying ‘no problem’, has our customers out of this world thrilled. Delivering jobs at a price they can afford and not at a price that will bankrupt them just adds to the thrills.”


Nancy has also found that a PSL Page Builder’s ability to produce comingled versions delivers substantial savings to customers and keeps them coming back. “On the small jobs that we do the savings on postage by co-mingling three or four jobs saves can easily save $200-400 and that results in some very happy campers.”


“The bottom line here is what PSL Page Builder allows us to do is offer our clients the world. Whatever they can dream up we can do it.”


“What customers want is to find a home. We give it to them. Price is important but the level of service is a heck of a lot more important.”


We look forward to Chapter Four of Nancy’s story.

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