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Jet Letter LLC, provider of Jet Letter ™ variable data printing software to the direct mail industry, has added to it’s product line a completely new and very powerful scripting language for the variable data printing/mail merge and related industries, PSL. The new language provides even more powerful scripting capabilities for the direct mail industry and others needing variable data document production.

PSL is without doubt the strongest programming language available for VDDP. While Jet Letter was sold primarily to the direct mail market place, PSL appeals to;

  • Financial institutions producing personalized invoices, statements, promotions, and collection letters;
  • Insurance companies producing invoices, statements, benefit booklets, and personalized promotions;
  • Churches and charities producing “ask letters” and newsletters;
  • Retail companies producing personalized promotions;
  • And a host of others.

Written by professional software language developers, in concert with Gene Mallory, the new language brings modern programming technology -- typesetting, word processing and image manipulation to the printing/direct mail and related marketplace for variable data document production.

PSL is “enterprise grade” software suitable for inclusion in the work flow of both small firms and the very large firms. The robust feature set and software architecture allows firms to perform, typesetting, word processing, image manipulation and image creation based on variable data drawn from most any source and delivered by most any means. While a drag and drop application is in work at the moment, PSL is a programming language. Please see the section entitled “Is a Programming Language for You?” for discussion on that topic.

PSL is used in variable data projects ranging from simple marketing letters through more interesting uses of color and images based on stream.



The use of two kinds of text boxes and image boxes provides ample latitude for creative types to show off their skills.

Using images produced in the popular graphics packages (InDesign™, QuarkTM™, etc.) users can select the images, pieces of text, and variables in the text, based on data in the merge file, to produce such marketing materials as the newsletter shown below. Keep in mind that one print run could produce newsletters (or anything for that matter) for many agencies.

An ODBC interface facilitates use of several external tables at once. The example below uses five such tables to produce this credit card bill.

Using TrueType™ and OpenType™ fonts all manner of creativity can be applied to meet your typesetting needs.




So what does the array of capabilities mean to a business owner – quite simply, it’s a serious “Competitive Edge.” PSL is a tool which, in capable hands, can help your firm grow and prosper. With PSL you can produce things others simply can’t do!!



Furthermore the native output of PSL, which is PDF documents, can be used for web presentment and e-mail as well as print and mail programs.

And, finally, it’s really not that hard to use. See the section entitled “Is a Programming Language for You?"


* These and dozens more examples can be found under "Features and Benefits"



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