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Jet Letter software has been designed with a single purpose - to make variable data printing, using laser printers, by direct mail firms super productive. Direct mail firms are our only market. Jet Letter performs mail merge applications very fast and in a very versatile fashion. As well, Jet Letter manages printing on clusters of up to six printers, per job, with ease. One client manages 40 printers with Jet Letter 6.0.
Jet Letter supports all PCL (including PCL5c) and PDF based printers – from the small “office oriented” HP, Kyocera, and Lexmark laser printers up through the large Xerox and Kodak sheet fed and the Océ continuous form printers. It will drive them at full rated speed, after lightning quick mail merges. Mail merges that might have taken hours in Word or lesser software products are done in a minute or two.
The second generation of Jet Letter 6.0 PCL was Jet Letter 6.0 PDF. The Jet Letter 6.0 PDF product produces native PDF codes rather than PCL code. It is not a translator. The Jet Letter PDF product has all of the same features as the traditional PCL product with the only difference being production of PDF codes. With minor exceptions, such as font call outs and importing PDF forms, Jet Letter 6.0 PDF can use existing Jet Letter 6.0 PCL scripts.


Merges, , in Jet Letter 6.0 PCL are often over 100,000 pages a minute – that is at least 1,000 times faster than in Word. Jet Letter is many fold faster than most competing products. It’s not uncommon to see Jet Letter merge well over 100,000 simple letters per minute and complex forms with dozens of variables, some drawn from tables, and graphics are often done at 50,000 records a minute. The ability to employ up to six printers on any job shortens production time and provides a wonderful amount of redundancy.
Time, in our business, is money. Speedy merge times mean money to you in several ways. First it simply reduces the time it takes to get a project out the door. You pay for people and facilities by the hour – long merge times cost money. Just as importantly, however, is the ability to service the famous rush jobs handily. You can say YES to the “unreasonable” demands of clients. You can get those “must drop by 4 o’clock” jobs done without running into costly overtime situations. Clients will be very happy that they selected your firm for their work!!
Furthermore, in countless situations, the use of Jet Letter 6.0 has saved many hours a week in job set up time. The versatile, industry specific, language of Jet Letter 6.0 takes all of the hard work out of job set up, easily doing the more difficult jobs, such as variable page statements, dividing large jobs into manageable batches, and personalizing each piece. Many users say Jet Letter offers the quickest set-ups in the business.


Jet Letter 6.0 – the Industrial Strength software for the mail merge industry. Jet Letter 6.0 is not software adapted from some other application to do this job. Rather Jet Letter 6.0 was written from the very start as the best possible solution to demands facing the direct mail business. Jet Letter 6.0 deals with all of the difficult issues facing variable insertion/mail merge projects. The attached list of features attests to that!! You can easily handle multiple and variable page invoicing and such complex forms as insurance booklets. Data can be drawn from multiple databases conditioned on almost anything. “One to many” table lookups, permitting access at all records having a specified key, facilitate the harder jobs such as statements and invoicing. Larger shops can handle all of their work in Jet Letter 6.0 without the need for “external” programming and database manipulations. Smaller shops can begin to tackle the harder jobs which will put them ahead of their competitors.

Printer Management

Some clients manage fifteen or twenty laser printers with Jet Letter 6.0. Jet Letter 6.0 is equally comfortable managing several big Xerox, Océ or Kodak printers as it is managing three, four, or a dozen HPs. And it does indeed manage such work. Batch control includes features to support production of jobs with multiple, different sized forms – all with serial numbers and many, conditional, variables. Anyone can drive several printers in the Windows environment. It’s a much different challenge to do it professionally in a manner that simplifies overall project production. Run each form in a multi-form mailing on the printer best suited to that piece. Booklets on one printer, fliers on another and coupons on still another printer each suited for the size, stock and volume of that piece. All can be serialized. Batches are automatically produced ready for the cutter or inserter, with appropriate marks. All of the difficult batch manipulation once done by hand is handled effortlessly by Jet letter 6.0.
Enter the high production or color printing world economically. A cluster of four mid range color printers at 50 pages per minute, for example, two PCs and Jet Letter can be purchased for well less than $50,000 – and will produce 200 pages per minute. A firm could lease that system for about $1,200 per month.
So, these are the three big factors to consider about Jet Letter 6.0. But there is another even bigger issue – over five hundred productive direct mail shops use Jet Letter. Some of the biggest in the country use Jet Letter. There must be a reason!
Flexible pricing plans are available. Demos are free.
Call us or e-mail us to begin a dialogue toward improved productivity and making more money today.

Printer Specifications

Jet Letter 6.0 and 4.8 run on: Windows 95/98/me/NT/2000/XP, or Linux. While one PC may be used, most clients run Jet Letter on one PC and use another as the print server. Both PCs should be configured with at least 64 meg of memory and more is preferable. Jet Letter is sold as a sitelicense. One can use any number of PCs and, for Jet Letter 6.0, up to six printers. Additional printer licenses are quite reasonable.

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