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Jet Letter LLC is pleased to announce availability of an attractive new Jet Letter Solutions program.

Two levels of product support are offered. Phone Support provides the Jet Letter user with prompt knowledgeable answers to questions regarding how to use Jet Letter and what the “best” ways might be to accomplish a task at hand. Often a quick call for help can save hours in setting up and running a job. Other times a quick review of a script can find a problem or a “better way” can be suggested.

For direct mail businesses that want some file manipulation tool and a “parachute” of pre-paid services, a “Comprehensive Solutions Package” is offered. We designed this program – which delivers about $5,000 worth of products and services -- to solve some of the problems we hear about from time to time talking to our users.

Phone Support:

Telephone support by seasoned Jet Letter users 12/7. That means from 8AM to 8PM Eastern Time, seven days a week. On weekends the response may be less than “immediate,” but users may schedule a standby session when necessary.

This service includes prompt and experienced answers to most any question involved in using Jet Letter; review of scripts and comments regarding how to make them better; and advice on the best way to accomplish a given project.

Pricing for Phone Support is:
For Jet Letter 4.7 and 4.8 users $575/year
For Jet Letter 2000 and 6.0 users $875/year

Comprehensive Solutions Package:

a) Automatic product updates, solutions to common problems, and utility software products such as JT-Weave, JT-Convert, JT-Filter, JT-Extract, a new batch processing utility, and other products designed to save you time (and thus money);

b) User “loyalty” discounts on future product releases;

c) A comprehensive package of labor intensive support services such as training, scripting, and format conversion at no further cost;

d) Reduced and price guaranteed, labor rates;

e) And, of course, the basic Phone Support package described above is included.

We calculate the value of these solutions to be about $5,000!!!

The prices for the “Comprehensive Solutions Package” are:
For Jet Letter 4.7 and 4.8 users $1,275/year.
For Jet Letter 2000 and 6.0 users $1,575/year.

Tom Crooks
Jet Letter LLC
606 Larkspur Ave.
Corona del Mar, CA 92625
tel: 949-721-8786

Ralf Stabel
Jet Letter
Toronto, ON
tel: 416-798-2133






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