Jet Letter prides itself in the quality of support provided to its users. Jet Letter recognizes that its products are used in mission critical situations. Failure to deliver a job on time and “perfect” can result in a lost customer.  The ability to do the very difficult work – such as matching colors and typesetting in marketing jobs, or complete the “hard” transactional projects can attract new print jobs near completion and that timely response is needed. 

Jet Letter LLC’s Annual Update and Support Service keeps the PSL Page Builder Family up to date and provides prompt phone support.  Phone support is often immediate and never longer than “same day.”

Jet Letter has a large Community of users who help each other and suggest best practices to use in diffeent scenarios. Jet Letter has been extremely responsive to enhancement suggestions and requests as well as fixes to the products, which often occur in a day or two. not months.

The support is provided in a variety of ways. These include:

Help System

The PSL Page Builder Family of products have an extensive built in Help System for virtually every aspect of the product with explicit functioning examples.

Customer Support

Phone support is provided by seasoned professionals who not only know their product but understand your business.

On Line Support  

The Jet Letter Community Forum provides a source for suggestions. There are also many video tutorials for specific aspects of the product functionality.

Product Updates

Recognizing that software updates, not only bug fixes, but new features, are often a matter of importance to productivity and to (your) customer satisfaction,  Jet Letter, LLC offers product updates more often than the famous “quarterly.”  And we listen to our customers.

Professional Services

Jet Letter, LLC stands ready, willing and quite able to provide a variety of professional services ranging from simple job set up to major project development.  Work flow integration is an option offered and can be done on site or remotely.


Training can be done via webinar or on site.

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