The power and speed of Jet Letter's PageBuilder solutions allow more complex projects with higher margins.


Transactional Uses:

Transpromo Pieces
Insurance Documents

Benefits Statements
Utility/Tax Bills
Collection Letters 


The transactional project is characterized by many fields driven by a database with sub or line items representing a set of transactions. Transactional projects include invoices, tax statements, insurance policies and other pieces that include client specific information on a line item basis.


VDP solutions are ideal for constructing them because font size, line width and other parameters can cater to the number of entries in the data file to format the result to a single page.


This is an example of a more complex transactional piece that shows some of the capabilities of PSL




Transpromotional projects include the combination of Transactional and Promotional. These are useful when there are large amounts of variable data such as an invoice or statement. Idle space can be used for special messages, advertising or banner ads.

On some statements there is no room for a promotional message - so none was edded. In other cases the location of the personalized message varies depending on the "real estate" available on the statement. This behavior depends on the logic supplied in the PSL program.

These examples show three variations of the "Visa Invoice" project where the middle example does not have space for the transpromotional piece. Rather than add another page and its postage, the program does not produce the promotional section.
Download 16 page sample of the Visa Example shown below. This sample shows the various aspects of the transpromotional capability.