PageBuilder’s capabilities for typesetting and word processing are another example of our attention to detail and to versatility – and thus to productivity.

A partial list of what can be controlled in PageBuilder includes;

  • Fonts,
  • Font sizes,
  • Justification,
  • Font fill and outline and color,
  • Shadowing color and depth,
  • Highlighting color and depth,
  • Text slant,
  • Boldness factor,
  • Leading,
  • Kerning
  • Word spacing,
  • Position and thickness of underlining, subscripts and superscripts.
  • Color shading (more later),
  • Background forms,
  • Images – based either on a field in the record or upon logic associated with a field,
  • All the parameters of any of the box types – border thickness, color, corner radiuses, font type, color, etc, background color,
  • Opacity and transparency

Of course all of the above settings can be typed into the PageBuilder GUI while setting up the job, and they can apply, when appropriate, to the contents of a box, so all the text entered into a box takes on those properties. Or, in many cases they can be applied to a given phrase, word, or even a single character. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!  These same settings can be based on variables.  Values for these setting can come from the merge file or any table in the project.

PSL was designed to be versatile and support the creative opportunities available.  

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