The seven most important features of PageBuilder.


PSL PageBuilder is based on the PSL VDP programming language, a compiled language written over the last six years by Jet Letter and designed from the very start to produce PDF output (natively) at production worthy speeds. 

Even complex jobs run at 20,000 records a minute.  PageBuilder was designed to use PSL and thus enjoy the same speed. Plug-In VDP competitors run at merge speeds of perhaps 300 records/min. 

But perhaps more importantly PageBuilder facilitates really rapid job set-ups.  A simple N-Up postcard can be set up in perhaps ten minutes (or even less).  Set-up speed is not just a matter of an intuitive Drag & Drop interface but revolves around the automation of routine tasks. 

For example, for N-Up jobs, the user specifies the front and back layouts, the card size and the sheet size and PageBuilder performs the N-Up layout.  And it’s NOT done in the “simplistic” fashion seen in competing products. 

Users can specify min and max gutters, sheet margins, and if and where the card “bleeds” and PageBuilder lays out the cards so they will print ERROR FREE -- automatically.  That saves not only time but perhaps wasted paper!! Note (1)

Similarly when a user needs to print a booklet with a varying number of pages (signatures actually), PSL has a similar function to do the page imposition properly and automatically.

These are just two examples of Jet Letter’s attention to what’s important – productivity!  Speed in job set-up and speed in merging mean more jobs can get done in a day.  NO BOTTLENECKS!!

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