The PageBuilder suite is by far the most scalable product in the VDP market.  That’s true for both price and performance. One may start with PageBuilder at $5,995 and grow to any size without changing anything, just adding more functionality.  The same user interface, the same PSL platform, and the same projects – all are scalable. 

  • Small shops can start with the simple jobs and not have to change platforms as they grow. Note(2)
  • Larger  operations can manage a wide range of applications using one common platform!

There are no limits on what you can do.  ‘From the simplest postcard to the most complex transpromotional work -- all can be done with the PageBuilder suite.
PageBuilder scalability depends upon a software technology -- an “architecture” – absolutely unique in the variable data document production market.  The PageBuilder drag & drop products are based on a very robust programming language developed strictly for the variable data document production market, PSL.   So every drag & drop function done in PageBuilder actually produces (and renders) PSL code. 

Some are very PSL commands are “broad brush” such as a single function for drawing a 3D, shaded pie chart with perspective and based on variable data; or a single command for printing all the rows of a table. Others are very meticulous, but so necessary, such as finding the length of descenders in a variable font.  Another example might be dealing with text; colors, shadows, highlights, or outlines, mirroring, slant, bolding, etc. or shading the page or (say) the paragraph itself..
Many of these functions are built into PageBuilder.  But some are currently available only in PSL.  What does this have to do with scalability?  It’s another kind of scalability Functional Scalability!!  Given the 800+ commands for VDP in PSL it’s difficult to imagine a function needed in VDP that cannot be performed in PSL.  The only question regarding functional scalability then is; “How do you get such functions into PageBuilder?” The many ways to do that are discussed in a separate section below.
Another aspect of scalability concerns limits – or lack thereof. PSL has none!! The number of variables, file and table sizes, variable names, number of tables handled at once, program size, etc., all have NO LIMITS!  That’s still another kind of scalability. PSL runs small jobs quickly and easily and doesn’t break a sweat at millions of sheets per day.
Another important scalability technology supported by PSL, and thus PageBuilder, is that “variables” can be a lot more than just text or numbers.  Almost anything one might imagine can be based on a variable in a file (or a list of them – see below). 

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