PSL is based on Adobe’s PDF output language (PDL – page description language).  Many competing products are based on Adobe’s PostScript (PS) language. 

PostScript was introduced in 1982 and, while still having some advantages, and also supported by PageBuilder, is getting quite “long of tooth.” Adobe has concentrated its attention on PDF, introduced in 1993, as the PDL of the future. 

PostScript has not been updated for years and will not be (we think).  PS does not support some quite important features for color representation – in particular -- transparency.  For black and white work, it doesn’t matter much, but for color work PDF is the PDL of choice.

PDF Supports “X Objects” which deal (well) with repeated objects and PageBuilder supports these and thus reduce file sizes and rip times.

Perhaps the most important feature of PDFs is, in fact, the portability issue.  In PSL it is entirely reasonable to produce a PDF file for printing (or a PS file) then in the same job, under program control, produce a file of individually indexed PDFs so that, for example, a call center can pull up a given customer’s invoice or statement.  For that matter, such PDFs could be produced by sending the appropriate data to PSL on a server (see web services below) to produce the indexed PDF “on the fly.”

We think that PDF is the PDL of the future.  We’re not alone – so does Adobe™.

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