Make no mistake here; almost every PageBuilder job involves importing static designs from InDesign™, Quark™ or another such static design system.  These can be in a wide variety of formats, PDF, JPG, TIF, etc.  There are a number of quite useful “controls” to work with them once in PageBuilder. These are often useful when placing several images “on top” of one another. Imported images controls include;

  • Scaling,
  •  Skewing,
  •  Stack controls,
  •  Opacity (screens),
  •  Best and force it to a box,
  •  Justification,
  •  Application of a background color,
  •  Masking, and finally,
  •  Transparency controls which allow creativity on how images blend together.

However PSL, and thus the PageBuilder suite, supports a quite wide range of color graphics creation functions, or for that matter, grayscale. PSL supports the ability to create 3D images that incorporate, shading (both linear and radial) which can be applied to both images and text.

Pie charts, and bar charts, for example can exhibit many effects, seen above, but most importantly these effects can be based on variables, or logic associated with variables, in either the merge file or associated tables.   Please see example below.

Both graphics created in PageBuilder and blocks of text are subject to quite sophisticated shading controls.  Please see the examples at the conclusion of this segment.

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