______________ And now for the Discussion ________________

First a short note about choices!!

When we set out to develop the PageBuilder suite, in late 2009, which we earlier called the “Wizard”, one of our main goals was to make it as intuitive as we could.  We wanted users to be “Up and Running”, on their own as quickly as possible. 

At the same time we had this absolute wealth of VDP functionality to draw from in PSL, the VDP programming language then five years in development and quite robust.. 

The 800+ commands in PSL, moved to a Drag & Drop product would confuse anybody.  So the real question was which of the 800+ commands to implement in the PageBuilder suite?  That was, and remains, a challenge. 

We didn't want the PageBuilder GUI to look like some the static graphic design systems with twenty box types and requiring a lengthy training course before one can do “anything.”Jet Letter, starting in the mid 90s, built a reputation as the VDP system of choice for those doing difficult work.  We could not abandon that reputation.  ‘Quite a dilemma!

Our response was to keep the PageBuilder interface as simple as we could while still providing the most commonly required typesetting, word processing and graphic manipulation functions.  Then we provide four separate, quite straight forward methods to access the other800+ commands.

At the same time for those (more traditional) users who want to write code we provide two ways that PageBuilder can streamline that process.

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