Note: These comments are the culmination of Tom Crooks' passion for the PSL Product Suite and for the opportunity they bring to the struggling Print Service Provider to broaden his capability, market share and ultimately revenue. 
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The Jet Letter PSL product line presents some very unique software technology.  It is the best of both worlds!!  This section delivers some insight into that unique software architecture. The PageBuilder drag & drop products deliver the state of the art in simplicity for setting up the simpler jobs, such as postcards and marketing letters.  For that kind of work the user can be in production the very first day.  The learning curve is as quick as they come.  That coupled with; 

  1. Terrific typesetting, word processing and reduced (perhaps zero) need for a static design systems, and, 
  2. The incredibly fast merge speed (20,000 records/minute or more),

separate PageBuilder from competing “plug-in in” systems.  As well, being much more modern, PageBuilder “stands tall” among the more traditional competitors in quite a few interesting and important (productive) features.

But variable data printing is not always that easy – it can get more complicated –sometimes a lot.  And that’s where the PageBuilder suite really stands out.  NO job is too difficult!

This section is designed for the more technical person to get an understanding of the underlying architecture of PageBuilder and its language foundation, PSL.  As well, perhaps an understanding of the values -- the design goals -- we live by might be useful. ‘First a summary:

  • Speed. Merge speeds in excess of 20,000 records/minute. Blazingly fast set-up times.
  • Scalability.  The easier work can be done quickly and easily in PageBuilder, while PageBuilder Pro can be used for the more demanding transactional work.  Ultimately, no project is too difficult – and it’s all on one platform.
  • Superb typesetting and word processing capabilities built in to PageBuilder.
  • Outstanding graphics creation based on variable data.  Bar charts, pie charts, cylinders, spheres, free form curves, all with full 3D color shading and perspective.
  • PDFs produced natively. PostScript available.
  • Four different ways to integrate code into PageBuilder – from the 800+ commands available in PSL.  Again with NO limits.
  • Enterprise Architecture.  The product was designed from the ground up to be integrated in a workflow.

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