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Comprehensive Solutions Package

The following products and services are included in the “Comprehensive Solutions Package” at no additional cost:

Scripting - Six hour annually. Send us the specs and we will write the script for you.

Preparation of Jet Letter PCL scripts and files for running in a PDF mode to create
archives, proofs, and the like. Four labor hours and four run time temporary licenses
annually. Jet Letter LLC will actually run your jobs using the Jet Letter PDF module and
supply you with a spool file, bookmarked or indexed by file name as necessary.

Training webinars - As companies grow and acquire new staff, we can help get them up to speed with training webinars. Existing users may need help in such matters as barcoding or statement processing. While normal phone support may often be adequate – sometimes a formal webinar is far more productive. Three such hours are included on an annual basis.

Utility programs to make your direct mail business more productive are included in the
“solutions” package. Gene has written some of these, Ralf others, and both will continue
to produce similar products. The initial offering is listed in the attachment. What we
currently have planned is, as well, listed. We will continue producing such products – until we run out of ideas. Obviously users can help by supplying ideas.

Pricing Commitments
In addition to the above, for Jet Letter users adopting the “Comprehensive Solutions Package” described above, a special pricing commitment is offered. When such users exceed the “included” levels of service, the prices for such (additional) service will not exceed the following:

1) Telephone support by Ralf 12/7. That means from 8AM to 8PM EST seven days a week.

When a specific block of time is scheduled on weekends for “immediate support
availability”, that time will be made available (if possible) for $75/hour.

2) Scripting Jet Letter.

$85/hour or fixed price or as negotiated for longer jobs (normally $100/hr.)

3) Production of Jet Letter PCL scripts for running in a PDF mode to create archives, proofs, and the like AND creating the PDF print files.

$85/hour for labor (normally $100/hr.). Minimum of one hour.
Run time fees – temporary licensing -- $75 each (normally $100)
Note some processing is really time consuming. Individual file generation can result in
extra charges.

4) Training webinars for existing users.

$100/hour plus $30/hour for each PC involved past the first. This service has a two hour minimum (normally $125/hr plus $50/hr for each additional PC).

5) Individual Software Products such as utilities, etc.

Any single product -- half or the normal (usually $299) price update to any product -- half of the normal (usually $150) price (Note some utilities and software products offered in the future, such as purchased products, may have different pricing arrangements.)


Value Proposition
It would seem clear that the vast majority of Jet Letter users could make productive use of each of the supportproducts offered. If each support product were valued at the price normally charged, which we feel is modest, here’s what the value would be:

Telephone support by Ralf 12/7. That means from 8AM to 8PM EST seven days a week. On weekends the response may be less than “immediate,” but one can schedule a standby session when necessary.


Many software vendors charge 15% per year, for support - therefore the value delivered is 15% of the purchase price for Jet Letter 6.0 (Jet Letter 4.8 users deduct $1,350)


Scripting Jet Letter. Six hours annually


Four hours annually preparing Jet Letter PCL files for
running in a PDF mode to create archives, proofs, and
the like plus four “run time” fees.


Training webinars for new users. Three hours.


Total Support Value Delivered


Total Software Product Value Delivered
Four products at $299 ea.


Total Value Delivered

Software Products currently included in the “Comprehensive Solutions Package”
JT-Weave   Unlimited n-way interleaving of delimited files or dBase files.

Conversion from a wide variety of file formats into tab delimited or page format files.

JT-Extract   Allows extraction of fields from a tab delimited file to produce a manageable, pre-sortable file and a full field "lookup" file compatible with Jet Letter. You can also create a sorted key file to allow you to group types of records (invoices to same id, number of pages, state, etc) in a print run.
JT-Filter   Allows a wide variety of filters or transformations of specified fields. Transformations include lowercase, uppercase, capitalize, CSZ splits, column swap, VFCfix (standardization of weird VFC conventions), telephone number formatting, and others. We are considering name
processing to give gender, proper capitalization, ethnicity,


Additional Planned Utilities and Enhancements

Batch File Processor: This utility is currently in beta test. This will reduce the amount ofoperator intervention needed to run routine jobs.

Viewers: We will have a look at the current crop of viewers for both PCL and PDF. It maybe time to deliver something different.

Bitmap Font Converter: Jet True is getting a bit long of tooth and we will do some work inthat area as well.

GUI: The current GUI for Jet Letter 4.8 and 6.0 can be made much more user friendly and permit a
number of additional functions including some assistance in scripting and job set up

Subroutine Library: We will write and/or collect from users, useful subroutines to save each user from “re-creating the wheel.” Examples that come to mind involve better business graphics, such as barcharts and pie charts.
Planned tools also include: SQL interface, file inversion and additional “work flow” products.
Some of these will be free to “Comprehensive” clients, others will be discounted significantly.




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