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In general, is a programming language for everyone?

Absolutely not! PSL caters to a specific market – programming languages for variable data document production. Note that we have expanded “VDP” to “VDDP.” Because, in this day and age documents get printed and mailed, e-mailed, presented on the web, and even broadcast to hand held devices.

Some of the traditional drag ‘n drop solutions, Print Shop Mail™ comes to mind, are very suitable tools for many firms desiring a VDDP capability. Some of the newer ones have some serious flaws, such as merge speed, but are still the “right” solution for many firms.

We are hard at work on such a “drag ‘n drop” product at the moment. It’s a very real market – just not the market that the PSL programming language was designed for. In fact we use PSL as the foundation for our drag ‘n drop product.

Programming languages designed for VDDP (like PSL) are the right solution for firms desiring to perform the more difficult VDDP applications. If all you do is add in an address block, a name or two, a few variables and perhaps an image -- there are lots of products for you to choose from. And there are lots of direct mail firms using them for such (simple) applications. The competition is fierce -- as you probably know -- and thus the margins are small. However, as the applications get more difficult, there are fewer VDDP products able to perform and thus fewer competitors for such business -- the margins get better. That's where PSL fits -- literally no job is too tough. Invoicing, statements, tax bills, utility bills, collection letters, highly personalized marketing pieces -- that's where the money is and that's the kind of work PSL is good at.

Another important consideration is merge speed. Many current VDDP offerings merge as slow as a record a second. A ten thousand piece run, at that speed, takes nearly three hours to merge -- and nobody would think of starting to print before the merge is complete. (Those who do buy a lot of paper.)

PSL can merge a 10,000 piece job in less than 30 seconds!!! This is important to your business --very.

In the next few pages we will discuss this situation, to help you determine whether or not a programming language is for you.



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