PSL Page Builder Family

The three members of the  Page Builder Family share the same user interface and merge engine. The difference is the underlying PSL functions and the markets they serve.  These functions and their usage are:


Market Served 


PSL Page Builder

Personalization for marketing such as postcards and letters and the simpler transactional work.

All of the full function VDP for marketing and the simpler transactional work.

PSL Page Builder Plus

Above but more complex transactional or more difficult marketing work where more logic is involved.

Above but with access to more complex functionality such as dealing with inbound files, string and logical functions

PSL Page Builder Pro

The most difficult marketing and transactional work, writing external files, web access, complete workflow integration.

Above plus complete workflow integration, file generation, separate PDF creation and indexing, e-mailing, web access.

The PSL Page Builder Family features:

  • Speed. Merge speeds from 10,000 to 50,000 records/minute. Blazingly fast set-up times.
  • Scalability.  The easier work can be done quickly and easily in Page Builder, while Page Builder Pro can be used for the most demanding transactional work.  Ultimately, no project is too difficult – and it’s all on one platform.
  • Typesetting. Superb typesetting and word processing capabilities built into Page Builder Family.
  • Graphics. Outstanding graphics creation based on variable data.  Bar charts, pie charts, cylinders, spheres, free form curves, all with full 3D color shading and perspective.
  • Native Output. PDFs produced natively. PostScript available.
  • Complex Functionality Available.  Built in functions for all sorts of common requirements such as charts, tables, N-Up and booklet imposition,  flow of text from box to box and page to page, libraries of (formatted) paragraphs,  text on curves, curved box edges,  fonts and colors and pages to be printed based on variables or complex functions of variables.
  • Enterprise Architecture.  The product was designed from the ground up to be integrated in a workflow

The Technology section provides a more detailed discussion of these key features.

The PSL Page Builder Family Graphical User Interface

( click image to enlarge )

The PSL Page Builder Family is based on a user friendly, intuitive Drag & Drop graphical interface that rapidly produces complete projects or the framework for more complex jobs. 

The image to the left shows the Page Builder GUI demonstrating several  "boxes" available. These  boxes include:

 Image Box

 Formatted Text Box

 Scaled Text Box

 Bar Code Box

 Address Block

 Custom Box

As these boxes are selected and "dropped" onto the page, a properties menu specific to that box ( e.g. “adaptive”) allows the user to specify the parameters suitable to the box selected. The size and placement of these boxes result from cursor selection and dragging the size handles to the desired location and size.