Visa Invoice Example

This is an interesting example as it demonstrates the following:

  1. Transpromotional solution where each invoice has a variable number of transactions that produces varying "white space" that can be used for promotional messages.
  2. Demonstration of PSL Web Services as the projecct is submitted to Jet Letter's server using the Web Services feature. This server is at a co-lo facility in San Diego.
  3. Demonstration of Invoice Presentation where under control of Web Services, a single record is presented to the project to produce a specific invoice for presentation/display in the browser. This simulates an end user requesting a copy of his invoice for viewing and perhaps payment. This invoice is dynamically created upon request

Select a specific name to generate that invoice. Each invoice has a different length demonstrating the transpromotional capabiity of PageBuilder. Select All, to view all invoices in the data file.

Pardon our "dust". This example is under construction.

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