Mixed Postcards - Wizard Conditional Printing

This example uses the page layout wizard and the N-Up wizard to generate postcards with contents and apparant origins that depend on product preference and income level information in the merge data.

The layout wizard is used to create twelve different card layouts, three for the front of the cards and nine for the back. The front layouts are the address side, coming from three different businesses. The backs contain the message, there are three for each business, taylored to income level.

The choice of which layouts to print on each card is set in the "Layouts" section of the N-Up wizard. The card fronts are selected based on matching the contents of the "product" merge field. (The "Merge" radio button is selected) The card backs are selected according to a set of simple logical value functions defined in the project function library. Each of these is a "one liner" that returns true or false based on the contents of two merge fields.

This is the PageBuilder back of card layout #1.  This is the PageBuilder back of card layout #2.  
The example below uses the Jet Letter Web Services to execute the PSL Program and generate the PDF output


Fill out the form below with your name, address and zip code. Select the starting menu items for product and salary.  Please be sure to insert an 11 digit zipcode. A PDF file with the results will appear in your browser.

Pardon our "dust". This example is under construction.
Sample PDF Fill out the form to generate a PDF showing the speed of Jet Letter's Technolgoy.