Example Projects

These PSL projects are representative of the breadth and scope of the PageBuilder suite and the underlying PSL programming facility.  The set of examples is taken from the samples supplied with the product and used for tutorial and training purposes.

The visitor is encouraged to look at these samples, realizing the power of PageBuilder, and then request an online demonstration by the Jet Letter sales and support team.

The Project Folder

PSL uses a Project Folder and sub folders to stage all of the resources and data in preparation for generating  the PDF output for production. printing. Each of the samples below allow the visitor to download  a zip file of the Project Folder and its sub folders. This file may be extracted to examine the information in the Project folder. This shows, the PSL scripts, the merge data files, the resources and other information that comprise the project.

Jet Letter Web Services

This is the actual project folder that is submitted to the Jet Letter Web Services facility, further demonstrating the remote PSL runtime capability as part of the Web Services product offering.

Pardon our "dust". This example is under construction.

This is the 4 up Target Marketing example.
This is another copy of the Targeted Marketing Sample.


Download the  PageBuilder Data Sheet