Product Demonstrations

These pages demonstrate several PageBuilder and PSL techniques as well as the PSL Web Services capability.

These product demonstrations include:

4-UP Postcard

A 4-up postcard solution that shows how a single print run can serve several clients. Variable parameters select the type of postcard and the message based upon gender and salary level. The visitor can enter variable text such as name, address and parameters associated with the specific postcard and message selected for that recipent.

Dynamic Visa Invoice Presentation

The Visa invoice  is a comprehensive example of Transpromotional solutions. Up to 16 pages of invoices are presented, each with varying page content depending upon space available on the page for promotional pieces.

This is also a demonstration of Invoice Presentation where the visitor can select an invoice recipient name and the specific invoice is generated and displayed in the browser.  This uses the PSL Web Services solution to dynamically prepare the invoice for subsequent display.

Dynamic Execution of Selected PSL Projects

The PSL Project demonstrations are a selected set of projects that demonstrate the wide range of capability using PageBuilder and PSL. PSL Project is invoked when the visitor clicks the Run This Project button.

This also demonstrates the PSL Web Services solution. The visitor can download a zipped file of the PSL Project and its underlying resource folders that are created by PageBuilder. This project file can also be used if the visitor has PageBuilder or PageBuilde Pro on his desktop.