Product Feature Comparison

This page provides a comparison between Jet Letter's products along with prominent non-competitive offerings.


PSL Page Builder

Plug-In Based Products

Other Competitors

 Markets Served

From Postcards to Bank Statements

Marketing only

Some just do marketing. Others do transactional. None do both well.

 Merge Speed records/min

From 10,000 to 50,000 records/minute (1)


2,000 and up

 Output Format (2)

PDF natively, Postscrip available

Postscript (with one exception)

Postscript Almost Always 

Graphics Creation

Can create 3D, shaded images with perspective, bar charts, graphics, based on variable data

Depends on static design tool such as InDesign (TM) 

Usually not available

Programmability (3)

While mostly not necessary, there are six different ways to use "code". From simple value functions through complex PSL programming (think of “C” in English).

Very limited

Very limited or not at all.


No Limits. VDP Without Compromise!
Scope of projects can range from the simplest postcard that can be set up in minutes to the most complex transactional project imaginable.

Not Scalable

Somewhat, always expensive

Note (1) Higher PSL Page Builder merge speeds are achieved using multi-core CPUs. This feature is only available with the PSL Page Builder Plus and Pro versions.

Note (2): Because PSL Page Builder produces PDF as its native output format, issues such as transparency and other matters associated with rendering color graphics and images are handled well, as opposed to the way they are (not) handled in Postscript. File sizes are manageable. 

Note (3): The PSL Page Builder family of products are the only Drag & Drop products that produce code that a programmer can use. One may set up the basis for a job, such as the Visa Statement (depicted elsewhere) in the Drag & Drop PSL Page Builder environment, then "finish” the job by programming.

A programmer can insert as much PSL code using PSL  Page Builder Pro as he or she chooses.  Functions generated for the PSL Page Builder Pro may be imported into the other PSL Page Builder Family products. This means only a minimal number  of PSL Page Builder Pro seats may be required, only for the programmer.