Image Import and Manipulation

PSL can import most all common image formats, including TIFF, GIF. JPEG, and of course PDF (by page number if necessary). PSL users have control of locating, scaling (anisotropic), controlling opacity and transparency, rotation, changing color intensity and more. Images can be placed on top of one-another to produce interesting effects such as the picture in a frame – see below.
Images can be fit to image boxes in a variety of ways – including “force to fit” (which can be dangerous!)

PSL actually produces PDF files rather than simply modifying them and sending them on. One result of that is that PSL is incredibly fast. PSL can merge files at rates up to 30,000 records a minute. Even the most complex projects typically merge at 10,000 records a minute. Consequently PSL is quite suitable for generating PDFs on the fly, running on a web server. Tests have show that PSL can generate, upon a query passing data, 200 to 300 PDFs a second – on a single CPU. That should support the heaviest web traffic!!

Additionally, while not at the lightning fast merge speeds PSL is known for, PSL can create bit maps in a wide variety of formats. This makes PSL more suitable for developing web applications in some environments.

Image Manipulation Samples

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