Graphic Image Creation

PSL is not a “plug-in” to static design systems such as InDesign™ or Quark™. PSL does (of course) deal with images created in those (and other) static design packages. However, PSL can create a wide variety of images based on (static or) variable data. One can create curves of all sorts and fit text to them. Furthermore thanks to extensive math capabilities, PSL users can create interesting geometric figures, make closed or open figures, control line weight, line and fill colors, etc. The Bezier function is often useful for such matters.

As a footnote, because PSL is not a plug-in to a static design package, it processes merge files quite quickly; 20,000 to 30,000 records per minute is quite common. PSL produces PDF and/or PostScript output at these rates.

PSL “comes with” a library of useful shapes, and of course, firms may well want to create their own libraries of such things.

Graphic Image Creation Samples