Files, Tables and Lists

First, there are no limits. Files, tables, and lists can be any size. If any of these are really huge, PSL can be set to deal with them in batches. The same is true for output – PSL can set batch sizes to anything you want for printing and archiving.

In addition to the common data formats, csv, tab delimited and dbf, PSL has a full function ODBC capability built in.

All of these elements are recursive – meaning that lists can be lists of lists of lists, etc.

PSL offers a quite complete set of commands for printing tables. Rows and columns can be given all sorts of controls – like background and border colors, border line weight and color, set font size to fit, minimum font size (warning if violated). Lists of such parameters can be cycled through to alternate colors and other parameters of tables to be printed. “Autopage” can be set so table printing can be one page or as many pages as necessary to print a table. You don’t need to know how many rows a table has to print the table. Just sent up the columns and rows and start printing.

Samples of trans promo

To see a sample of "variable" transpromo click on the images below for the "Bank of Engraving" statements. As you step through the pages you will see the opportunities presented by "Variable" transpromo. On some statements there is simply no room for a promotional message -- so none was added. In other cases the location of the personalized message varies depending on the "real estate" available on the statement. Just as an example, one statement has no transactions just the promotional message. All of this sort of behavior depends on logic supplied in the PSL script.

PSL delivers an incredibly versatile and powerful report writer. Properly set up, PSL automatically handles such matters as dealing with single or multi-page reports, fitting text into boxes, typesetting, word processing and full math capabilities.

Files and Tables and Trans Promo