PSL Value Proposition

Merge Speeds from 10,000 to 50,000 pages per minute


Since PSL Page Builder renders PDFs natively, the system does not need to operate as a "plug-in" to graphics packages.  Furthermore PSL Page Builder can be set to run on as many cores as your processor has (eight for an Intel i7). This enhances the merge and print performance to emit pages at rates of 10,000 to 50,000 pages per minute.

This reduces project completion times and keeps valuable printer resources busy, enhancing ROI on those assets.

Another aspect of the merge speed is that the entire job can be tested ahead of time to weed out and correct any print problems without having to re-run the project, tying up expensive printers and time resources. 

GUI Based Project Setup

Ease of Use

The PSL Page Builder Family provides an easy to use Drag & Drop GUI to quickly prepare projects for production. This reduces the time and skill level necessary to complete project setup. 

Unlike older VDP systems, the GUI is adaptive to the functions being performed.  That makes it easier to learn and use – it reduces clutter and saves time.

More professional looking results, catering to the needs of marketer customers.

Full Function

The PSL Page Builder Family of products facilitates very precise control over so many VDP functions such as typesetting, word processing, image manipulation and even graphics creation such as bar charts and tables.  For example size and location of fonts, subscripts, superscripts, bolding, and slant, underlines etc.  can be controlled to one thousandth of an inch.  Fully formatted paragraphs (or phrases, or pages) can be used as variables while retaining all of their typesetting properties.

These are just the tip on the iceberg of functionality that allow the Print Service Provider to take on more complex and profitable projects.

Examples: Peruse the links on the right to see what the PSL Page Builder Family can do. Click on the images to enlarge them for better viewing.