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Jet Letter PSL Pricing Programs

Plan A – Click Concept

$3,000 for a half million clicks ($0.006/click). Level of support included (not unlimited) – 10 hours per year. More comprehensive support options are offered.

Plan B -- Per Seat – Full Function

Full up functionality on a per seat basis. $10,000 first seat, $3,500 second and third seats, $2,500/seat for fourth and fifth seat and. $1,500 per seat after that. Support charged after first year. Full phone support and updates included for first year. After first year support is charged annually at 15% of total expenditure.

Plan C – Per Seat – Introductory Package

Limited Functionality. No click charges.

$5,000 for the first seat. $3,000 for second seat. $1,500 per seat after that. Full speed. Able to perform most common functions including four-up post cards, even simple invoicing and statements (includes case statements, but not boxes, or expanded typesetting or image manipulation). Please see detailed statement of functionality.

Includes updates and 10 hours of support for each seat purchased up to three seats. Past three seats and after first year, support will be charged at 15% of total expenditure for full phone support including updates.

Plan D – Site license for four seats

For a one time charge of $18,000 new users may purchase a “site” license involving four seats of the full function product. Unlimited phone support and updates for the first year are included, and after the first year will be priced at 15% annually of the total expenditure.

Plan E -- Upgrades from traditional Jet Letter

Users of Jet Letter 6.0 (either or both versions) may choose one of the above options or choose a special, limited time, offer to upgrade to a package license for two seats of the full function product for $10,000, a $3,500 discount from Plan B pricing. Unlimited phone support and updates for the first year are included, and after the first year will be priced at 15% annually of the total expenditure had the discount not been offered. To enjoy this pricing users must be on support.


Production Print Module

A “Production Print” module, involving software modules licensed from Adobe, is available for those requiring advanced production printing capabilities. Without this module, users may print from Adobe Acrobat.

Pricing (each seat):
First Seat $2,500
Second and Third Seats $1,500
Fourth and Fifth Seats $1,000
Seats past the first Five $750

When the “Production Print Module” is purchased with the Introductory Package it will be priced at:
First Seat $1,500
Second Seat $1,000
Subsequent Seats $750

Runtime Only Licensing

In some cases all that is required is a runtime license of PSL. This provides the ability to run PSL modules developed elsewhere. Examples include print servers and web servers. A Runtime Only product is licensed at $2,000, given that one or more seat licenses are in place. This price is subject to variances depending upon intended usage and number of seats purchased.

A more complete discussion of this concept is available upon demand.

Subsequent Jet Letter PSL upgrades.

Users of the Introductory Package products may, at any time, upgrade to the full version for the difference in prices. In other words full credit is granted for money spent to date.


No dongles are involved. Web registration is the most likely plan, with a fail safe mechanism so that system remains functional if the web is down. This has yet to be implemented. Consequently, for now, it’s an “honor system.”

Training and Consultation

Consultation and programming services are priced at an hourly rate of $175/hr. After four hours in any one block, the labor rate is $125/hr. On site training can be delivered at a flat rate of $1,250 per day plus Travel and Expenses. Such training programs must be paid in full, including estimated expenses, at least one week in advance.

Webinar training is available in one hour blocks at the same rate as consultation with the additional of webinar service expenses at cost.

Customers on a “Comprehensive” Support program receive substantial discounts on the above rates.

All prices are subject to change without notice. The then current pricing will apply at the time the order is placed and supercede any previous verbal or written understandings. Jet Letter LLC plans to add additional products to the product line and, of course, will charge for them accordingly as they are released. The “updates” discussed above include bug fixes and enhancements but not “new products.”

Site Definition

A site is defined as a building or geographically close linked group of buildings under common ownership. Close, means within a few miles of each other. So, for example firms with several buildings close together would pay for seat licenses according to the above schedules for a given site. When a firm has locations at several sites, such as in several cities, then each site will be treated as a separate entity. Corporate licensing programs are available.

This program is subject to change without notice and interpretation only by Jet Letter LLC.



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