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Traditional Jet Letter Product Support

Phone Support
Telephone support by seasoned Jet Letter users 12/7. That means from 8AM to 8PM Eastern Time, seven days a week. On weekends the response may be less than “immediate,” but users may schedule a standby session when necessary.

This service includes prompt and experienced answers to most any question involved in using Jet Letter; review of scripts and comments regarding how to make them better; and advice on the best way to accomplish a given project.

Phone support can save you vast amounts of time and trouble.

Pricing for Phone Support is:
For Jet Letter 4.7 and 4.8 users $575/year
For Jet Letter 2000 and 6.0 users $875/year

Comprehensive Solutions Package
A more comprehensive program is, as well, offered for Jet Letter users.

The “Comprehensive Solutions Package” includes;
a) Automatic product updates, solutions to common problems, and utility software products such as JT-Weave, JT-Convert, JT-Filter, JT-Extract, a new batch processing utility, and other products designed to save you time (and thus money);

b) User “loyalty” discounts on future product releases;

c) A comprehensive package of labor intensive support services such as training,
scripting, and format conversions at no further cost;

d) Reduced and price guaranteed, labor rates;

e) And, of course, the basic Phone Support package described above is included.
We calculate the value of these solutions to be about $5,000!!!

The prices for the “Comprehensive Solutions Package” are:
For Jet Letter 4.7 and 4.8 users $1,275/year
For Jet Letter 2000 and 6.0 users $1,575/year

Click here for more information about the Comprehensive Solutions Package.

Jet Letter Scripting $85/hour*

The clock starts, for these services when the discussion begins on the telephone. A fifteen minute grace period may be allowed if, after discussion, the client decides not to go forward. Telephone support for the script installation and use is, as well, billable at the same rate.

*$85/hour or fixed price or as negotiated for longer jobs (normally $100/hr.)

Incident Support $100/hour (unless on Comprehensive)

When scheduling support outside of the normal time window a commitment of at least one hour is required and a schedule, within a few hours, must be provided. For support to standby for any half day period requires a two hour commitment.

Note: These service are supplied and billed in half hour increments, with a five minute grace period.





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