Product Pricing

Product Version Usage
 PSL Page Builder  Personalization for marketing such as postcards and letters and the simpler transactional work.
 PSL Page Builder Plus  Above plus more complex transactional or more difficult marketing work where more logic is involved. Faster merges speeds.
 PSL Page Builder Pro  The most difficult marketing and transactional work, writing external files, web access, complete workflow integration and automation.

See the product comparison matrix for more details on the differences between these product levels.


First Seat 

 Seats 2 and 3

 Additional Seats

 PSL Page Builder




 PSL Page Builder Plus ,$5,995  $3,895  $2,895 

 PSL Page Builder Pro




Please contact Jet Letter for attractive pricing on "Starter Kits" with multiple seats. Tom Crooks (949) 721-8786, Tom@JetLetter.Net