This page provides the terms, conditions and policies for the various combinations of products services provided by Jet Letter, LLC.

Per Seat Discounts

The “per seat” discounts apply to each product separately.  For example, having purchased six seats of PSL PageBuilder, a purchase of PSL PageBuilder Pro would cost $12,500, the First Seat price.


Licenses are permanent.  They do not depend on being on Update and Support Service.  As one may note in the license agreement, in the “docs” folder with the release, this license may not be considered an asset.  Please read this license agreement carefully as you are accepting it when you install the product.

Update and Support Services

Annual Update and Support Services are included for the first year and are 15% annually after that. When special pricing is involved such as the Starter Kits, Update  and Support Service, after the first year will be based on Standard Pricing models.

Update and Support Service (USS), involves making available each new release of the products covered.  It does not involve new products.  The distinction between new products and updates to existing products is entirely at the company’s discretion.

The service also includes telephone support.  That involves answering questions about problems, the best way to approach a situation, suggestions regarding commands to be used, etc.  Once the company is asked to review lengthy programs or to do some programming, Professional services are involved.

 If a customer fails to stay on Update Support Service (USS),  no such services will be delivered.  In that event, and if then a customer chooses to get back on USS, they must;
    i) If it has been less than a year since USS was dropped, (as indicated by not paying the invoice for such support net 30 days) pay the “old” invoice and a new invoice for the next USS period.
    ii)  If it has been more than a year since the customer has been on USS, pay in advance for the next year and pay for the past year’s USS.
Annual Update and Support Service is “co-terminus.”   Upon the anniversary of the first PSL purchase, the “inventory” of PSL products is taken and that count is reflected in the USS invoice.  Obviously and at the company’s discretion, quite recent purchases will be excluded.

On Site Training

On-Site training must be scheduled and paid for well in advance.  Expenses are estimated and, as well paid in advance, with reconciliation after the training. 

Three days is a common training period for those wishing to better understand the PSL programming language.  One day is sufficient for a basic understanding of PSL PageBuilder, but an additional day or two is normally needed to better understand Value Functions and Custom Boxes. 

Many PSL customers just use the wealth of built-in training aids.  However, getting up to speed quickly has a significant monetary advantage in many cases.

Professional Services

Professional Services are involved at any time, in the company’s opinion, the level of effort exceeds normal USS deliverables.  Normally this involves programming services for the more complex jobs.

Professional Services can be delivered on-site if desired at the same rates as on-site training. In that case normal travel and per-diem expenses will apply, and a minimum level of effort of three days is required.

    b) Professional services are charged based on actual hours involved.  Discussing projects with customers is charged at the same rate as setting up jobs.  Projects can be done on a fixed price basis.  However, at least two hours will be required to prepare an estimate and that must be paid for in advance.  Sample output, data and instructions (specifications), obviously are required and the accuracy of any estimate depends upon the accuracy and completeness of these items.

    c) All professional services work requires some payment in advance.  If the project is less than sixteen hours a lump sum payment against the estimated hours is expected in advance with reconciliation at the completion of the job.  Should the job involve more than sixteen hours, the payments required will be split into three parts;
        i)   One third in advance;
        ii)  One third upon approval of the specification and or proof of concept;
        iii) One third upon completion as demonstrated by Webinar.