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The Market for PSL

What markets does PSL serve?

Marketing – direct mail, newsletters, offers, coupons,
Transactional – invoicing, statements
Transpromotional – invoices and statements with personalized promotional messages, Financial Institutions – offers, promotions, statements, inquiry responses
Insurance -- benefit booklets, statements, policies, invoices, EOBs
Collection agencies – collections letters, statements, filings
Utilities – bills, statements, collections, notices
Governmental – tax bills, statements, assessments, notices
Credit unions – statements, promotions
Credit Card firms – promotions, bills, statements, collections
Hospitals and clinics – service statements, bills, statement of services, EOBs
Charities – ask letters, newsletters, promotions, press releases
Churches – ask letters, newsletters,
Casinos – offers, coupons, promotions;

and similar markets where variable data drives production of documents for various sorts of presentation – print, print and mail, e-mail, and web presentment.

There is still a whole other category of markets for PSL --- application software developers. PSL is well suited for incorporation into most any Windows™ or Linux™ application where formatting of reports and documents is required. PSL was designed from the very beginning to be incorporated in such application software products. Please see another document entitled “PSL for Software Developers”

PSL is a programming language specifically designed for the production of documents which depend on variable data to determine what material (text and/or image) is placed (printed) on each page (document) and where. The native tongue of PSL is PDF, although Postscript is, as well, supported.

Furthermore, PSL uses Windows™ print drivers. So, for laser printers; any printer having a Windows™ print driver can be employed (Oce’, Xerox, IBM InfoPrint, Konica, HP, Canon, etc.). In the same vein, the PDF images produced can be used for printing and mailing, e-mails or web presentment. PSL users commonly print and mail invoices and statements and then make them available in a browser client for review and, possibly, payment.

Because PSL is a full function programming language, with all of the usual features one would expect of a professional level compiler, such as;

Logic constructs (rational statements),
File and table handling (tables and lists),
Image manipulation

fitting to a box,

RGB, CMYK and HSI facilities,
Full function library capabilities, and,
Amazing attention to detail

find the length of descenders in current font,
fit text to a box,
format tables, and import the whole table (in one statement)
slant and rotation of text,
text fill, shadow and some really astounding image rendering capabilities,
place several images “on top” of one another with the “desired” effect,

We simply can’t think of something you could not do in PSL! (Breakfast not on the menu!!)

PSL serves the marketing or promotional markets, the transactional market and, most particularly, the new “transpromotional” market.

PSL is particularly suitable for clients wanting to;

Print and mail invoices, statements or other transactional documents,
Archive these documents for later retrieval at a call center,
Re-create these documents upon request from a browser and present them to that browser.

Should these clients be well known (to our client), PSL code snippets could be downloaded to the client so that only data need be transported by the web, not the whole PDF -- document creation could be done at the client site.

Perhaps most importantly to this discussion, PSL can read a database and produce PDFs at the rate of perhaps 200 to 300 records a second. No bottlenecks!! merge speeds are often 30,000 records a minute.

Please observe some of the examples in the “What is PSL and Why Should I Care?” section and in the ftp site (call for access).

We could go on. Please call – 949-721-8786.






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