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PURPOSE : JT-Weave interleaves records for n-up printing.

USAGE : JT-Weave Infile Outfile Rpp [Ppb] [DEBUG]

Infile : ASCII Delimited or dBase data file.
Outfile : interleaved ASCII or dBase data file.
Rpp : The number of records per page.
Rpb : The number of pages per batch.
If Rpb is 0. the entire file will be a batch

DEBUG : An optional field used only for ASCII input files.
If set, DEBUG will cause annotations will be made in the output file.

ASCII files must have each record terminated with a CR LF characters.
This includes comma-quote, tab delimited, and similar organizations.

dBase II and dBase III files use standard formats.
Inactive dBase records are removed before interleaving.

JT-Weave reads the input file into memory. Based on the Ppb and Ppp parameters it resequences the file so that multiple records may be printed on pages which are arranged so that when printed rpp records on a page, they can be cut up in ppb stacks to create sequential stacks. Null records will be added to the output file to insure whole pages are printed properly at the end of the file.

This program is limited to 4,000,000 records and 32,000 bytes per record. Your available memory may further limit this.

RESULTS : Result status is logged into a y-m-d.log file. (e.g. \"05-06-06.log\")
An exit code of 0 is returned on success, nonzero on failure.





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