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PURPOSE : JT-Convert converts various file types to tab or page output.

WHY : Convert various file formats to TAB or PAGE format

USAGE : JT-Convert Infile Outfile InputType OutputType [InputSubType]

Infile - Input file name
Outfile - Output File Name
OutputType - Output File Type (TAB|PAGE), the default is TAB
InputSubType - SubType information is required by some InputFormat formats

DELIMITED - InputSubType allows a delimiter: character|\"TAB\"|\"COMMA\".
The default InputSubFormat is: TAB

FIXEDFIELD - InputSubType requires the file name of a field length file.
The subtype file should contain a line for each field containing the field length.
If input file contains NLCR characters, add a field 2, at the end.

DB - InputSubType allows the option FIELDNAMES.
This prepends the field names to the output file.

VFC - InputSubType is a set of VFC characters.
The default InputSubType is: \"1+ 0-\"

The VFC functions are: New Page
Over Print (ignored)
Skip 1 & Print
Skip 2 & Print
Skip 3 & Print
Any ignore characters.
LABEL - InputSubType requires the number of lines in a label file.
All other InputTypes do not require this field.

RESULTS : Result status is logged into a y-m-d.log file. (e.g. \"05-06-06.log\"
An exit code of 0 is returned on success, nonzero on failure.




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