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Jet Letter LLC, provider of Jet Letter ™ variable data printing software installed in some 500 direct mail firms around the country, now offers a completely new and very powerful software product for production of PDF and PostScript documents for the variable data printing/mail merge industry. The language, using English like commands such as “setMargin”, “setFontSize” can be learned very quickly while the more difficult projects will benefit from even more powerful scripting capabilities than offered previously. While specifically targeted for the direct mail industry, PSL will most certainly appeal to in-plant print production facilities and multi-media departments.

PSL is not a “plug in” to InDesign™ or Quark™, but does, of course, import and manipulate such images. Consequently PSL users enjoy merge speeds in the range of 30,000 records a minute!! They as well enjoy creation of VDDP projects with no boundaries, no limits to creativity. No project is too difficult.

Written by professional software language developers, PSL brings modern programming technology to the variable data document production (VDDP) market. PSL delivers professional grade Typesetting and Word Processing capabilities to that market. These requirements become quite a bit “more interesting” when the user doesn’t know ahead of time (even) what font might be involved let alone what text elements are involved. One needs to use the same commands when word processing a two word “drop in” as when dropping in a two paragraph piece of text found in a merge file or looked up in a table based on a parameter in the merge file.

The same is true for Image Import and Manipulation. When the images to be placed on a page aren’t even known until the time the merge is run the challenges can be significant. PSL brings to the table the tools that handle these challenges quickly and easily.

The creation of Graphic Images and Control of color based on, for example, other variable content on each given sheet can be used to provide eye-catching graphics personalized for each recipient. PSL brings a wealth of tools for the “creative” designer to use for such promotional work.

Transactional work, on the other hand, requires a wealth of tools for dealing with data. PSL’s abilities in dealing with Files, Tables and Lists ranks up there with the best programming languages around. The same is true for PSL’s abilities with Functions, Logic, Program Control, and Math.

Lastly, its run-time control of printing and file handling shows that PSL recognizes the necessities found when printing customer supplied files ten’s of thousands of records long.

Jet Letter’s PSL is “enterprise grade” software suitable for inclusion in the work flow of both small firms and the very large firms. PSL can call other programs or be called by them. The robust feature set and software architecture allows firms to perform, typesetting, image manipulation and image creation based on variable data drawn from most any source and delivered by most any means – laser printers, e-mail or web presentment.




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