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Jet Letter LLC is an “Industrial Strength” variable data printing software product designed from the ground up for direct mail marketing firms. Jet Letter is used by over 500 direct mail firms in the United States. The features and benefits of Jet Letter are the result of 13 years of product development in one industry – variable data printing for direct mail firms. Some of these users print 300,000 to 1 million sheets a day. Some print that many in a year. That means to you that it is quite likely that Jet Letter can handle any direct mail VDP job you might encounter, from simple name and address jobs to complex statement work, invoicing, “ask” letters, and insurance coverage booklets.

Jet Letter versions produce both PCL and PDF printer control languages.


Example Jobs
- Charity Work: ask letters
- Credit Unions: statements
- Collection Letters
- N-Up Post Cards (duplexed)
- Casino Promotions
- Invoicing and Statements





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