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Three kinds of boxes – numbered text boxes, dynamic text boxes and image boxes.   Statement showing use of dynamic text boxes. [view PDF]
[view PDF]  
Example of imaging illustrating number, placement, scaling, rotation and transparency of images based on variable data (10 pages). [view PDF]
  N-Up color postcards illustrating use of image boxes to make use of a variety of images – fitting them to image boxes without the need for manual “grooming” of the images. Images and message selected from variables in the recipient file and client file(s). [view PDF]
Jet Letter PSL/PDF supports a truly comprehensive set of “typesetting” controls. Many tools normally thought of as tools for static typesetting can be applied to variable text. Scaling (anisotropic), filling with solid colors or patterns, and printing on curves are but a few examples. [view PDF]
Mathematically generated figures can be based on variable data. For example, in this case the colors and their transparency were based on variable data. [view PDF]
Image transparency can be controlled by variable data. [view PDF]   Images and text are subject to pattern fill.
[view PDF]
Set type under mathematical controls based on variables in the database. Choose a letter (from a string), compute where you want it, its orientation, and a host of other parameters such as color , transparency, font, or fill, and “set” it. [view PDF]   Anisotropic scaling based on database variables or mathematical computations. All of this was done with one image, scaled, mirrored, and color filled. Rotation by any amount could also be applied. [view PDF]
Dynamic text boxes permit a wide variety of control of text printed to them. Notice the (somewhat absurd) use of setting maximum spacing between words, permitted in this example to be quite large, to arrive at both left and right justification in the newspaper example of two words. [view PDF]   Set type on circles or parts of circles (arcs). Notice control of transparency on overlapping text. [view PDF]
This image was created using mathematical control of the text printed via rotation and color saturation based on an algorithm. Users have complete color control based on either RGB or CMYK color models. [view PDF]   Complete control, by variables if desired, of both CMYK and RGB colors. [view PDF]

Control of TrueType (TM) fonts including slant and transparency, in this case, permits addition of variable messages to static (PDF, GIF, TIFF, etc.) backgrounds to achieve the ultimate in personalization. (Note the variable message on the floor.) [view PDF]
  PSL has strong functions for manipulationg and formatting tabular data. Cells can be assigned background colors, line weights and colors, and all manner of typesetting functionality such as font and alignment parameters. [view PDF]
PSL gives you a very robust kit of tools to create PDFs based on variable text and variable images. [view PDF]

To request a demo please contact:
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