VDP Programming For Dummies - Value Functions Explained

by Thomas Bougher 19. December 2015 18:06

When considering various VDP solution alternatives most products include some form of a drag & drop interface. This interface allows users to create VDP projects, layout pages, create variables and manage data. Every drag & drop interface has its limitations in these capabilities. Some solutions provide a means to exceed those limitations through the use of a scripting language such as JavaScript, for example.

So, when evaluating PSL Page Builder’s drag & drop interface with those of its competitors, at first glance they may seem quite similar. Yet, they could not be more different.

How Does It Differ?

To start with there is a fundamental difference between PSL Page Builder and any other VDP solution’s drag & drop interface. With all other solutions you are simply invoking a command when you drag & drop. The PSL Page Builder interface is actually a code writing wizard that creates code utilizing the PSL VDP language as fast as you can drag & drop. This code is unseen to the non-programming operator but resting under the surface if there is a need to access it to customize a project in any form.

Breaking Down The Walls

So what happens with PSL Page Builder when need exceeds the drag & drop capability? The user simply accesses the underlying PSL VDP language to keep from being walled in.

Not only is knowledge of JavaScript not required users need not be fluent in PSL either in order to create powerful solutions.

PSL Page Builder provides bridges, if you will, that leverage the PSL VDP language but do not require a user to actually code. Those bridges include;
•    Value Functions
•    Logical Functions or Conditions
•    Custom Boxes
•    Value Statements

Each “bridge” delivers the power of PSL without the need to program nor master JavaScript. Certain “bridges” may not be included in all versions of PSL Page Builder but PSL Page Builder Pro certainly does include them all.

Power users with PSL Page Builder Pro can all show off their programming skills by writing code. But once that code is entered that power user can make it available to non-programmer users without them needing any programming knowledge.

Dive deep with everything you ever wanted to know about Value Functions.

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