“Idealliance and Epicomm Members Approve Merger of Their Industry Associations”

Now there is a headline I’d much rather read as opposed to the latest political dribble.

In a previous life I ran a small offset printing company. Printing really was the graphic arts industry at that time. Technology was focused on the press and other hardware for the most part. Up to that point in my career I had only worked in the software world so I leaned heavily on the industry associations of the day to help this printer wannabe find his way.

But that was so last century. Printing is now just one component of the communications industry. Print, online and other mediums have blurred. Being a printer today really means that you are a technology company. Print service providers have become marketing service providers. Offset and digital imaging overlap with each other and with the web.

The depth, breath and range of knowledge needed to grow and thrive expands daily. This is why I think that this merger is such a strong step forward. It expands the knowledge base of the industry.

Idealliance CEO, David Steinhardt stated of the merger, “It will offer industry companies across all segments a single powerhouse resource that recognizes the interdependent roles management excellence and workflow best practices play in the success of any graphic communications company.”

We look forward to our continued participation and hopefully our contribution to this superb organization.