The Great State of VDP

by Thomas Bougher 20. November 2015 21:45

Last month we related the successes that Computer Creations had shared with us since adding PSL Page Builder Plus. Variable data publishing has created new opportunities, enhanced workflows and provided growth. InfoTrends agrees.

I’d like to share just a few of the points InfoTrend’s industry expert, Howie Fenton, makes his in blog article, VDP: The State of the Industry.

InfoTrends monitors the VDP marketplace in three ways including the retail value of VDP products sold to customers. The results confirm what Computer Creations and PSL Page Builder customers have been saying on the subject. VDP contributes substantially to growth in sales and margins.

Fenton predicts a growth in VDP the range of 17.6% by 2018. Growth is greater in color pages than in black and white. VDP is also seen as a “stepping stone to success in selling more marketing services.” VDP can also help in-plant print operations better align themselves strategically with their parent company.

That sure sounds like opportunity to us.

Read Howie’s blog HERE

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