Merge 70,000 variable data records or more per minute!

How? PSL Page Builder Pro now supports multi-core processing. Fast just went SUPERSONIC!!

Video editing, serious gamers, big data users are already leveraging the power of today’s multi-core processors. PSL Page Builder Pro now delivers support for multi-core processors that results in even greater file processing speeds than ever before.

The entire PSL Page Builder family was already one of the fastest, most productive VDP solutions available. Without the need to rely on “plug-in” third party applications to render graphics merge speeds of up to 20,000 records per minute were not uncommon. Now we’ve added the ability to exploit the latest technology from Intel to gain even more speed.

An Intel i7 processor supports four cores and eight processors or threads. Performance is improved as much as from 3 to 5 times over a single core processor. Merge speeds in excess of 70,000 records per minute are now common.

We recently benchmarked PSL Page Builder Pro running on an Intel i7 machine. The test was a simulated financial statement similar to your monthly Visa™ statement. The test file contained 4,000 customer accounts and 120,000 transactions.

Results: 14,000 fully formatted personalized statement pages, including nearly 4000 transpromotional images were delivered ready to print in less than one half minute.

“The ability to exploit the full potential of multi-core processors requires a commitment to disruptive innovation. We are committed to delivering the finest solutions possible to our clients. As such, the addition of multi-core support is an upgrade available to all PSL Page Builder Pro users who are on our support program”

“We invite any serious VDP user to let us benchmark your job. See what PSL Page Builder Pro can deliver for you. Or, get your free evaluation copy of PSL Page Builder Pro and set your own benchmarks”.