Beyond VDP

Unlimited Versatility With Variable Data Document Production

Variable data document production exceeds the capabilities of VDP with unlimited versatility and the ability to deliver documents to multiple platforms and in multiple formats.

Since the 1990’s variable data printing applications such as Jet Letter’s PSL have provided the capability to create and print personalized graphic communications. Personalization has allowed marketers to realize greater returns on their marketing expenditures. Providing VDP services has helped print service providers grow their business as well.

As the 21st century progressed VDP moved beyond simple name and image changes. Mobile marketing, personal landing pages, QR codes all brought the beginning of cross media marketing. The need to create statements and invoices that can be viewed and retrieved online creates more demands that simple VDP can no longer fulfill.

With the release in 2011 of Jet Letter’s PSL PageBuilder PRO Jet Letter became a leader in variable data document production software. 

The PageBuilder suite is unique in that it’s drag & drop interface does not simply invoke a command but is actually writing code as the operator drags & drops in the GUI. Because PageBuilder is creating code on the fly, that code can be modified, enhanced and customized for most any purpose.

This unique capability give PageBuilder the power to,
•    Simultaneously produce variable documents for print and web presentment
•    Create and deliver cross media marketing materials
•    Output the most complex financial documents easily, quickly without errors
•    Automate complex document creation
•    Deliver unlimited versatility

Find out what unlimited versatility can mean to you. Take a test drive today.

Tom Crooks, President of Jet Letter LLC
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