First Ever VDP On Demand Program Released by Jet Letter Corporation

by Thomas Bougher 20. September 2016 22:00
Jet Letter introduces VDP On Demand, the first ever subscription based purchase option for variable data printing software solutions.

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Thoughts On Epicomm Idealliance Merger

by Thomas Bougher 21. March 2016 22:32
“Idealliance and Epicomm Members Approve Merger of Their Industry Associations” Now there is a headline I’d much rather read as opposed to the latest political dribble. In a previous life I ran a small offset printing company. Printing really was the graphic arts industry at tha... [More]

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The Great State of VDP

by Thomas Bougher 20. November 2015 21:45
Last month we related the successes that Computer Creations had shared with us since adding PSL Page Builder Plus. Variable data publishing has created new opportunities, enhanced workflows and provided growth. InfoTrends agrees.I’d like to share just a few of the points InfoTrend’s indu... [More]

If You Build It, Will They Come?

by Thomas Bougher 26. October 2015 21:45
The evolution from print service provider to marketing service provider is a subject that has received a great deal of discussion. The question for print providers seems to be, why do I need VDP? We recently heard from Computer Creations of Dallas, Texas telling us what VDP has done for their bus... [More]

Breaking the Speed Limit

by Thomas Bougher 13. October 2015 20:47
Merge 70,000 variable data records or more per minute! How? PSL Page Builder Pro now supports multi-core processing. Fast just went SUPERSONIC!! Video editing, serious gamers, big data users are already leveraging the power of today’s multi-core processors. PSL Page Builder Pro now deliver... [More]

The $3 Million Dollar iPhone

by Thomas Bougher 19. May 2015 21:14
Disruptive technology becomes disruptive innovation when the cost of that technology becomes affordable to the wider mass market. When costs come down to the point that the marketplace is disrupted. A case in point is illustrated in a recent blog article by Dr. Joe Webb entitled, “How much... [More]

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Wang Laboratories - Disruptive Innovator Disrupted!

by Thomas Bougher 6. April 2015 21:27
By Tom Crooks In my previous discussion on the topic of disruptive technology I pointed out 3D printing as an excellent example of a technology that can disrupt the established order when it becomes affordable to the greater market. I used that example for a couple of reasons. First of all it&r... [More]



Technology That Disrupts

by Thomas Bougher 19. March 2015 04:03
Disruptive technology or disruptive innovation can best be described as a new product or process that simply disrupts the existing market. Disruptive technology improves processes and reduces costs in a manner not expected from simple market evolution. Variable data printing or VDP could very w... [More]

Will Innovation Suffer?

by Thomas Bougher 22. July 2014 23:02
EFI™ announced their acquisition of DirectSmile in hopes of “broadening their VDP and cross media capabilities”. (EFI Announcement) Or perhaps as InfoTrends stated, DirectSmile’s relationship with Objectif Lune™ (PrintShop Mail™) “did not become the sales su... [More]

Examples of Open By Design Advantages

by Thomas Bougher 21. July 2014 22:27
Automation Design - PSL PageBuilder's own drag & drop design wizard is a prime example of how an open architecture solution can be automated. The wizard is built on top of PSL. As such the user is actually writing code as fast as they can drag & drop. Data - Data is VDP's middle name. P... [More]

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