Why You Need VDP, # 1

by Thomas Bougher 19. March 2014 20:13
Reason Number One, VDP Is A Marketing Hub. In a previous life I got the bright idea to produce and sell a custom program module for a Texas Instruments programmable calculator, the TI-59. I had my brilliant idea ready to go and produced a few thousand mailers to go out to my list of ready and waiti... [More]

Engagement Marketing

by Thomas Bougher 27. March 2013 21:16
Engagement marketing!  I heard the term for the first time while having a conversation with Steve Amiel, Executive VP at Easypurl.  As soon as Steve uttered the phrase it stuck in my brain. So much of the conversation about direct marketing today revolves around “cross media marketi... [More]

Even In This Economy?

by Thomas Bougher 25. July 2012 23:14
News Talk Live™The NAPL’s recent News Talk Live™ webinar was titled, “Learn How Quick and Small Commercial Printers Can Increase Revenue – Even In This Economy”. The industry experts made several observations about the state of industry today. A few of those obser... [More]


by Thomas Bougher 23. April 2012 19:01
The use and acceptance of variable data printing in wide format continues to grow and gain acceptance. Infotrends recently stated that savvy marketers understand that demographics play a huge role in the success of any marketing campaign. Personalization in small format printing has been shown to in... [More]

A/B Testing & VDP

by Thomas Bougher 12. March 2012 21:23
Email marketing gurus have long talked about the advantages of incorporating A/B testing into email marketing campaigns. In its simplest form A/B testing is simply testing one element of a message against a different element to gauge which gathers the better response. In email marketing this can be ... [More]

Postcard Marketing Tips

by Thomas Bougher 29. February 2012 21:14
Postcards are great for direct mail marketing. They are colorful, effective and relatively inexpensive. Here are a few tips to successful postcard marketing. Articulate your target market•    Are you marketing to existing customers or prospects?•    Segment... [More]

Jet Letter LLC Announces New Features, Enhancements and Services for 2012

by Thomas Bougher 2. February 2012 19:21
In 2011 Jet Letter LLC released the PSL PageBuilder Suite of variable data printing software. The PageBuilder suite introduced a drag & drop interface that substantially reduced the time and skill set needed to create complex and powerful personalized documents. The PageBuilder drag & drop i... [More]

Interactive Mail Rocks

by Thomas Bougher 20. July 2011 20:11
Direct mail marketers already know that direct mail works. More and more are learning that interactive mail rocks! What is interactive mail and why does it rock? Interactive mail incorporates QR codes (Quick Response) to direct the reader to a video, personal landing page or provide other unique pe... [More]

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