Growing with VDP

by Thomas Bougher 23. March 2012 20:49
Recently two interesting studies were released that involved digital printing and mailing. The first was the NAPL’s Digital Services Research Study which was presented on NAPL NewsTalk™ Live: Excelling in Digital. The second was the MCS Direct Mail Survey which included the results of th... [More]

A/B Testing & VDP

by Thomas Bougher 12. March 2012 21:23
Email marketing gurus have long talked about the advantages of incorporating A/B testing into email marketing campaigns. In its simplest form A/B testing is simply testing one element of a message against a different element to gauge which gathers the better response. In email marketing this can be ... [More]

Disruptive Technology

by Thomas Bougher 7. March 2012 23:18
PageBuilder PRO takes VDP to the next level, Variable Data Document Production (VDDP). The PageBuilder PRO Wizard •    The drag & drop interface automates the document creation process.•    Code is generated as fast as you can drag and drop.• ... [More]

Character Delimited Data Files

by Thomas Bougher 1. March 2012 00:05
Character delimited data files are a standard format for data tables containing textual information.  They represent the data as lines of text, one line of text per record.  That is, records are separated by “newline” characters.  Within each record, the fields are separat... [More]

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