Postcard Marketing Tips

by Thomas Bougher 29. February 2012 21:14
Postcards are great for direct mail marketing. They are colorful, effective and relatively inexpensive. Here are a few tips to successful postcard marketing. Articulate your target market•    Are you marketing to existing customers or prospects?•    Segment... [More]

NAPL “Excelling In Digital”

by Thomas Bougher 28. February 2012 22:08
The NAPL presented their News Talk™ Live series today titled, Excelling In Digital. Senior Consultant, Howie Fenton and Chief Economist, Andrew Paparozzi presented an overview of the NAPL’s recent survey of print service providers and their successes and challenges with digital printing.... [More]

Salt Lake Mailing & Printing Adds Versatility with Jet Letter’s PageBuilder PRO Variable Data Document Production Software

by Thomas Bougher 17. February 2012 19:57
Salt Lake Mailing & Printing is both a mailer and print service provider. They produce a wide range of printed marketing materials for their customers including personalized post cards and other direct marketing collateral.The simple VDP application they used to produce post cards and more simpl... [More]

Importing Flat File Data for VDP

by Thomas Bougher 16. February 2012 20:09
As most of us know, in the late 1800’s Herman Hollerith conceived the idea that census data could be represented by holes punched in paper cards and tabulated by machine. He sold his concept to the Census Bureau and the Census of 1890 was the first ever computerized database --thousands of box... [More]

Beyond VDP

by Thomas Bougher 8. February 2012 22:21
  Unlimited versatility with Variable Data Document Production. Variable data document production exceeds the capabilities of VDP with unlimited versatility and the ability to deliver documents to multiple platforms and in multiple formats.Since the 1990’s variable data printing applica... [More]

Jet Letter LLC Announces New Features, Enhancements and Services for 2012

by Thomas Bougher 2. February 2012 19:21
In 2011 Jet Letter LLC released the PSL PageBuilder Suite of variable data printing software. The PageBuilder suite introduced a drag & drop interface that substantially reduced the time and skill set needed to create complex and powerful personalized documents. The PageBuilder drag & drop i... [More]

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