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Gene Mallory started supplying Jet Letter to the direct mail industry fifteen years ago. Jet letter has helped over 500 users grow and modernize their firms. According to MFSA that translate to about 25% of the installed base in the direct mail industry. Some of the largest direct mail shops in their regions use Jet Letter. This is all we do -- VDP for the Direct Mail Industry. Gene, having concluded a successful career at one of the largest government/industrial think tanks, decided to produce a product specifically suited to a particular industry. Jet Letter is the result.

Jet Letter has grown in capability in response to user requirements. The only market Jet Letter serves is the direct mail market. Jet Letter is not a “forms” package or a “corporate communications” product – it is a very specific tool for the direct mail variable data printing market. Our most recent product line, PSL, is the result of starting with a “clean sheet of paper” three years ago, building on Jet Letter’s capabilities in a more modern programming environment.

Unlike most of the competition in the VDP market, PSL is a programming language – one specifically designed to serve the mail merge (VDP) market. Its designed to be integrated in, and form the basis for, corporate wide work flow.

We are a small firm –which means that we know our product intimately and can customize an installation with ease. We do product development, answer questions, and precisely tailor a configuration -- for only one product – PSL.

We don’t blacken the skies with sales people. We sell through referrals and phone solicitation. Otherwise our price would be twice what it is.

Talk to a user. Sales would be happy to refer users to you. PSL means productivity. It means “business” in all interpretations of that word.





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